Woman In Gold 2015

Cast: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Bruhl
Director: Simon Curtis
Synopsis: A Jewish Refugee attempts to battle the Austrian government alongside her lawyer/advocate to reunite her late Aunt's painting, which belonged to her family before her family was robbed by the Nazi's.

Based on a true story.  This movie is about Maria Altmann, an heir of a well respected Jewish family in WWII in Vienna.  Maria went through more than just a legal battle to retain ownership and retribution of her late Aunt's painting, "Woman In Gold."  The painting is considered to be the, "Mona Lisa of Vienna."   It was a matter of the heart; a fight for justice of the Jewish people, who were wrongfully treated and shamed by the Nazi's.  Although nothing can erase the past, she fought for what she knew was right.  It is a heartfelt movie, and a great reincarnate of the struggles faced by the people of Austria during the Nazi Era.   It is a story of truth, justice, and the strength and beauty of a woman who never gave up; who faced many tragic odds including leaving her family in search of, "life."  She is a picture of beauty, grace and strength. I must admit it was bit slow moving to start for me, but ended up being a great movie. Great actors to portray these true to life characters.  A must see! I give this ★★★★✩ 


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