The Longest Ride 2015

Cast: Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Alan Alda 
Director: George Tillman Jr.
Synopsis: After an car crash, a young couple's lives intertwine with an older man named Ira, as he reflects on his past love.

Review: George Tilman Jr. brings to life the romantic weaving's of Nicholas Sparks popular book, "The Longest Ride," on the big screen. It is a fine choice for the romantic drama movie lover, with it's unique mix of conflict, life and the history of love.

While Ira Levinson is fighting for his life after a subsequent car crash, Sophie and Luke are falling in love, and going through all the conflicts that many relationships do; however, it's because of this man's coincidental intervention and influence that Luke and Sophie fight the odds, and learn about the sacrifice and compromise that love often requires, and how love is worth fighting for.

"Love requires sacrifice, it always does." Ira Levinson

The dialogue between Ira his beloved Ruth in the book, I was hoping to see, as he rekindles with the ghost of his past; however, this part of the book was left out and rewritten in a different fashion. Ira's love for Ruth was very evident in letters he'd kept for years, and as Sophie reads them, you get to see flashbacks of Ira and Ruth's life together. It's a truly beautiful rendition of true love at it's finest. The warring, compromise and emotional whirlwind that each couple goes through.

"All is fair in love or more?" I don't completely believe this, but love certainly is never without it's battles. Love ultimately leaves us running for the hills, or fighting to hang onto it against all odds. Luke and Sophie could have given up, due to their differences in lifestyle and career choices; Ira and Ruth could have given up due to the fact that things weren't as they had originally planned; however, in the end all things worked together for the good. Give it a watch, but definitely read the book! This is probably a five star movie, but because the movie was not as great as the book I give it ★★★☆☆.


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