The Case For Christ

Director:  Jon Gunn

Synopsis: Based on a novel by Lee Strobel, a profound atheist and well-known investigative journalist. After an incident involving his daughter, his wife Leslie begins to seek out the Lord and claims she has found Him, causing her life to change dramatically. A frustrated Strobel then turns to his investigative skills to prove once and for all that there is no firm foundation for her newfound beliefs, in a fight to get his wife back and save their marriage. He soon finds that His own life is altered in a very significant way.

Review: Jon Gunn brings to life the true story of a man’s quest to disprove Jesus’ resurrection (the foundation of the Christian faith). This is a thought provoking, and emotionally compelling journey through the Gospels, down to the most minute detail. It will really cause you to ask the question, Do You Believe?

Lee Strobel creates such a captivating case. I was completely tied to the screen as I didn’t want to miss a single detail. I even watched it twice to ensure I didn't miss anything! I give this ★★★★★


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